10 tips to generate high quality traffic

Everyone wants traffic to their website, but that traffic is pretty useless if it’s not targeted and doesn’t turn into sales. In other words, 100 engaged visitors are better than 1000 random visitors.

So how do you get high-value traffic to your site? These 10 tips will help.

1. Quality content: If you have a well-regarded website, with a lot of valuable insights and information included, people will want to come back. Not only that, but they will want to link your site within their own content. Voila – high quality, justified backlinks.

2. Article marketing: This is a great way to direct traffic to your site. Put simply, you write short articles about your product/service and submit them to article directories. The value in this is that you can add links to your site in the articles. The benefits to that are two-fold. Firstly, when the articles are well-written and informative, readers will want to click through to your site to learn more and secondly, Google can see the links so this can improve your search engine optimisation.

3. Press releases: Like article marketing, press releases can be written and uploaded to online distribution services. The main difference is the content in press releases must be “newsworthy” so you need a “newsy” angle – new product, great competition prizes, relaunched website, expert comment on a current event etc. Again, you can include links to your site and the best thing is that you may get several bites of the cherry, as a meaty news release may send people to your site for years to come.

4. Forums: Join relevant online forums and participate. Become an authority in your field, make sure your website URL is in your signature, and people will want to go to your site and buy your product/service. But remember, don’t spam forums with too much
obvious self-promotion – moderators hate that.

5. Social bookmarking : Sites such as StumbleUpon or http://digg.com/ allow users to share content from their favourite websites. And let’s face it, your favourite website should be your own (and if it’s not, well, that’s a whole other story). So, share some high quality content from your website and hope that others will also share with their friends, and so one. It may not be as targeted as some of the other hints here, but if you get a high ranking on one of these sites, your traffic will soar.

6. Search Engine Optimisation: Yes, yes, I know, this is kind of pointing out the obvious, but the key to good SEO is choosing relevant keywords. Instead of optimising for “widgets”, optimise for “cheap widgets” or “buying quality widgets” The difference here is that people searching on the first keyword may just be seeking information about widgets, while those searching on the other keywords
are looking to buy widgets.

7. Online advertising: There are a lot of websites out there that take some form of advertising – banner ads, listings, text links and so on. Many of them are very reasonably priced, and if you choose wisely, these ads can drive quality traffic to your site. If, for example, you are a photographer – advertise on wedding planner sites; If you’re a plumber, advertising on home renovation sites. Some ads are pay per click; some are pay per impression; some are just a set price for a certain period. Sites that accept advertising should have a “media kit” which will tell you the traffic they get, and from where – so ask for these and do your research.

8. Q&A websites: These are sites such as ask.com, where users can ask and answer any question. They’re another opportunity to be regarded as an expert in your field. And many of them let you put you URL in your signature, so again, people who like your
answer can click through to your site. All it costs is your time.

9.   Blogs: Comment on blogs relevant to your industry – especially those with high traffic. Again, many allow you to link back to your own website – either through a URL or a hyperlink on your name.

10. Blog Commenting: If you go to high traffic blogs in your niche and make some genuine comments, you can get some traffic. When you go to leave a comment on a blog, in most cases you are allowed to include a link back to your website. Be smart though – anyone who has a blog gets a lot of spam comments which they can filter. If you leave a smart, well thought out comment, it won’t end in the blogger trash folder.

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