12 website content ideas that work


Website content ideasWhile we’re sure you have heard by now that “content is king”, but did you know that the wrong kind of content may well be a pretender to the throne.

On the other hand, well-written content that’s fresh and engaging will have your loyal subjects flocking for more.

This post will give you 12 ideas to deliver great content that will attract and keep visitors.

  1. Make a list. You know, like “12 website content ideas that work” or “10 ways to market your website”
  2. Business Lessons. Everyone loves hearing what mistakes you may have made along the way and the lessons you learned from them. And everyone make mistakes in business, so you will be spoilt for choice!
  3. FAQs: Do your client and customers often ask the same questions of your products and services? Save up your answers for your blog posts!
  4. Business tools: Most of us have apps or cloud solutions for bookkeeping, time management or stock control that we depend on. So share your favourites with your readers.
  5. Industry news, research and events: Have your finger on the pulse of your industry and be seen as a subject matter expert by sharing your opinions, or letting your readers know about important updates in your field.
  6. How-tos: Take your audience step-by-step – with a video if you can – on how to best use your product, or how your client relationship works.  If you can’t manage video, just write a descriptive pos.
  7. Interview an expert: Find an expert in your niche and using video-cam technology, interview them about their insights. Alternately, write up the answers in Q and A form.
  8. Promote your wares: While we don’t recommend every post being promotional (that will drive people away), every now and then it doesn’t hurt to host a giveaway on your blog.
  9. Repurpose existing content: Have a look over old posts. Is there something that could do with an update? Or perhaps you could transcribe a video on your site, and post it as a written post.
  10. ‘Tis the season: Have a think about how seasonal variation affect your product or service. There are heaps of holidays, events and special days throughout the year that you can use as a theme for a post.
  11.  Be controversial: Do you have a strong opinion on something in your industry? Then write about it. This is a great way to perhaps reach a broader audience – but be prepared to deal with those who disagree.
  12. Think strategically: What search terms are people using to find your product or service? Weave these keywords into a blog post and watch your website hits grow.

With these 13 suggestions, you will never be losts for words again. And make sure you share and promote your content through social media.

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