5 steps to creating shareable content

Creating shareable contentEver wondered why some blog post get hundreds – or thousands – of hits everyday? Why their content is regular shared on social media sites, creating a buzz and attracting a new audience?

It’s simple really, they are creating shareable content. And the good news is, you don’t have to have a multi-million dollar marketing budget to emulate them, you just need some common sense and a bit of insight into what makes people want to share content.

Try these five steps:

Solve a problem: Do some research into your niche. Do people constantly face the same hurdles? If so, then give them a solution – and back it up with facts. For example, if you own a hairdressing salon, give hints and tips to keep hair looking lush in winter. Or perhaps you do family counselling, then maybe a post about dealing with teenage angst. And don’t just talk about the problem – give the readers tools to help them overcome it.

Write for people – not Google: There is nothing readers hate more than keyword-stuffed drivel that has just been written to get on to the first page of a Google search. So forget about keywords while you write – your might find they are occur naturally anyway. Put the keywords in your heading, and meta tags.

Catch their attention: The headline of your post needs to grab a visitor and compel them to read on. Create headlines that: are brief and accurate: arouse curiosity; highlight the newness of your information; pose a question; or include a call to action. There is a reason why headlines such as “Five secrets Hollywood doesn’t want you to know” capture readers’ attention.

Add value: Sometimes it feels as if there really is nothing new to say on some subjects, but it is important to try. There is no point just rehashing something that had been said a million times before. So maybe find a new angle on a old issue, or offer a differing point of view.

Be entertaining: This seems to be obvious, but you wouldn’t know it reading some of the blogs out there. Inject your personality, and add images or videos. Don’t be afraid that you are not a good enough writer – if your content is interesting enough, only the true pedant will care if you misplaced an apostrophe.

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