Busting the myths about responsive web design

responsive web designAs more and more people are using smart phones and tablets to access the internet, it’s important that your small business website is “responsive”

What this basically means is that when someone accesses it from their smart device, they will see a slightly different version of your site. A version that fits nicely on their screen and that has navigation that suits the device.

There are some concerns – or myths – about responsive web design and here at

Direct Digital Solutions we felt it was time to address these. And settle the dispute once and for all.

  1. Responsive web design costs more and takes more effort: Depends how you look at it. Yes, building a responsive design takes more time and effort that building a basic website – but less than building two sites, one for PCs and laptops and the other for smart devices. And with a large number of potential customers searching for your business using their phones and tablets, it is certainly less expensive than losing sales.
  2. Responsive design is only for simple sites and small businesses: Really? Tell than to Time Magazine, Tommy Hilfiger, Mitsubishi, or maybe Microsoft itself. None of these are small, simple sites, and they certainly aren’t small businesses. Yet they all use responsive design.
  3. Responsive design is no good for SEO: Really? Then why does Google itself recommend responsive design. In fact, a responsive site makes it a lot easier to keep on top of your SEO campaign as you will have just one site to monitor, rather than two – a standard site and one for smart phones.
  4. Responsive design sacrifices content: There is no need to limit your content just because you have a responsive website. And if you are thinking of trimming it, then it is probably because it needs a trim. Websites are not meant to include reams and reams of information – whether they are responsive or not. People scan online content, no matter whaat kind of screen they are reading it on.
  5. Responsive design is only for mobile phones: You have no idea how people are accessing your site – and with the sheer array of devices, all with different size screens. A good responsive website can scale up and down to fit any screen, and ensure user experience is not sacrificed.

If you want to ensure people see your site even when they are on the move, then you need a responsive web design. For more information, contact Direct Digital Solutions today on 02 9557 7623 or email us@directdigitalsolutions.com.au