Choosing a great website designer


web_designer_sydneyThere are approximately 16 kabillion website designers out there. And thanks to the proliferation of easy-to-use content management systems such as WordPress and Wix, it seems pretty much everyone can buy a Mac and call themselves a “designer”.

So how do you sort the wheat from the chaff and know that the website designer you choose is up to the task?

These hints will help you determine which website designer would best fit your project:

Have a look at some of their other sites

All (good) designers have a unique style. And what works for one business website, might not work for another. So have a good look at a designer’s portfolio to make sure they are a good fit.

Talk to the designer

A good designer will be honest about their capabilities – a great website designer will want to get to know you and your business inside and out. They will check out your current site and ask plenty of questions about your company, your vision, your goals and more.

Don’t be hoodwinked

A lot of designers will make empty promises about getting you on Page 1 of Google. But that’s not their job. They may work with internet marketers or SEO copywriters, but the design itself is not what Google sees, so be wary of any designer that makes this promise without explaining how.

Getting a site to rank well on Google takes time and is achieved through a sustained addition of content and usefulness to your .com over time, as well as quality backlinks and a social media strategy.

Take control

Once your design is finished, that is not the end of your web journey. The best sites grow as change and the company grows and changes. So you don’t want to hire a design agency that is going to charge you a small fortune to keep your website fresh through updates content and small tweaks.

The best designers will teach you how to do it yourself and hand it over for you, or someone in your company, to manage.

Look for a designer who loves what they do

If your designer blogs and uses the web in their free time, then it is obviously their passion, not just their job. It also means they have a deep understanding of the online space and your website will be more user-friendly as a result.

The end result you’ll get will be better when you work with someone who spends a great deal of their life on the web. They simply understand this space and understand usability better.

One-stop shop

Look for a web agency such as Direct Digital Solutions, which offers both web development and design, rather than separating the look and feel from the coding. This is the best way to get a polished product – and it also saves you time rather than having to deal with two separate specialists.

Get referred

The best way to hire a good designer is to have one referred to you by a friend or business colleague who is internet savvy. So ask around, and then use the steps above to choose the one that best fits your business.

Remember, design is not the be-all and end-all of your website presence. Dominating Google, and having a site that people flock to is an ongoing commitment – long after the designer has moved on to new projects.

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