Consider your website audience


Consider your target audienceWhen you are building a new website, it’s not enough for you to think it looks good and is functional.

A major part of planning a website is to consider your audience.

Hopefully, you have already mapped out your target audience as part of your marketing plan, so it’s time to review this information.

There may be a slight possibility that your website target audience may differ from your broader target audiences, depending on what you offering through your website, so you need to be aware of this.

And if your target is “everybody”, it is time to go back to the drawing board! While it would be nice to appeal to everybody, it’s almost impossible and you will find that by trying to do so, you appeal to nobody.

Once you have nutted out your audience, it’s time to imagine them as human beings. In other words, build their profile – their gender, age bracket, level of education, geographical location, hobbies, drivers, pain points and internet user experience.

If you have more than one target audience, build a persona for each of them.

By doing this, your web developer and designer can tailor the imagery, content and calls to action around their specific needs.

If you are unsure about what drives your target audience – then ask them!

Use social media channels or face-to-face networking opportunities to connect with your target market and learn more about their buying habits.

If you know…

  • who they are, then you know how to get to them (what blogs they read, what social media channels they frequent, what they search on Google)
  • how they describe the type of services you offer, then you can word your website copy to match
  • how they choose and compare purchases, then you can structure and prioritize your site content
  • what they want, then your value proposition can state exactly that
  • what they don’t care about, then you can get rid of it from your site
  • how their life is better thanks to your service, you know which benefits to focus on.

So before you begin any kind of design work on your website, stop and identify who your target audience is, what they look like, and what they want out of your website.

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