Creating a LinkedIn company page


Linkedin company pagesBy now you should be aware of the important of having a personal profile on LinkedIn and how to make it work for you, but did you know you can also set up a LinkedIn Page for your business.

A LinkedIn Company page lets people learn more about your business, as well as allows you to post job opportunities straight to people who hold the relevant qualifications.

It’s a fairly simple procedure, which is well explained on LinkedIn.

  • Once you open your LinkedIn Profile, most the curser to the top of the page, over “Interests” and select “Companies.
  • Click “create a company” and enter the business name and a work email address.
  • Click continue and follow the instructions to enter further information.

Why have a LinkedIn Company page?

Company pages are a perfect way for LinkedIn Members to research your business. They can follow your page to keep up-to-date with your products and services.

You can use your company page to let prospects and customers get to know your employees, as well as your brand.

You can even use them to target your “help wanted” ads to your perfect candidates.

On top of all this, through sharing relevant articles and insights, LinkedIn Company pages are a great way to establish your business as an expert in your field.

And the best thing about company page are the tabs – especially the overview and services and products tabs. The former offers a snapshot of your company, including the latest post you shared, and all your employees on LinkedIn; while the latter gives a potential customer a sound understanding of all your offerings.

You can even display your company’s blog posts and Twitter feeds and directly connect, with people following your company.

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