Engage Your Audience With Excellent Infographics


infographicsThe demand for infographics is rising and it’s no wonder. Even just one infographic on your website delivers lots of information is an easy to remember format. Infographics are also an easy way to share information on social media sites. Most people process information visually, so by condensing information into an attractive infographic you give people an engaging way to explore a topic. According to Smart Insights (results posted by infographic, coincidentally) traffic to a webpage increased by an average of 12% when infographics were used.

You might think that your budget doesn’t run to infographics, but quality doesn’t have to mean expensive. While you may not have the funding to hire a professional designer to create the perfect infographic for you, there are a number of online tools capable of helping you make your own.


Infogram is a free service that allows you to create professional grade infographics in minutes. Absolutely no design or programming experience is needed to use this tool. All that is required is an idea of what image you would like to display and the facts that you want to include. The built-in spreadsheets make editing your data easy and you also have the option of importing your own XLS, XLSX or CSV file.

This tool works really well for small businesses. These images are easy to upload and will help make your webpage something to be proud of. If your infographics contain any sensitive data you can be sure that it’s protected with passwords and private links.


Piktochart is a simple but mighty design app. Plus, it’s free! It’s target audience is non-designers, so you can create interested images with little to no experience. Piktochart infographics are fully readable by search engines which will help direct more traffic to your site. They also have a lot of interactive elements for users which increases popularity.

They have a large variety of template to choose from and you are free to edit absolutely anything on your image. These infographics are easy to share and embed, plus compatible with SlideShare and Evernote.


Canva is a very versatile design tool, capable of creating flyers, presentations and Facebook covers, among other things. While much of Canva is free, some images and graphics come at a slight cost-usually only $1.00. Uploading your own image is free and gives you a completely unique infographic.

Some of Canva’s best features include intuitive resizing, simple recolouring and a wide selection of icons, arrows and charts that you can incorporate into your image.

With these simple design tools, no experience is no excuse not to design your own creative and appealing infographics to be valuable assets to your site.

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