Five magic email marketing ideas


email marketingThese days, social media grabs a lot of the marketing headlines, but speaking directly to your customers through your email list will always be the most powerful weapon in your marketing armoury.

The trick to be heard above all other email marketers is to add some magic and grab your readers’ attention.

Here are five ideas to add some WOW factor to your campaigns.

1. Action-packed: Use short, snappy headlines, interesting tidbits and humour to draw in the crowd. There is nothing wrong with showing some personality – an email newsletter doesn’t need to be dry and business-like.

2. Break the rules: Maybe short and snappy isn’t the way you want to go, and that’s fine. Instead, use your email newletter to craft long, information laden material for your expert customer. This works best for a technical or scientific audience.

3. Fact-filled: Use your newsletter to share interesting facts with the audience. Say, for example, you are a cake maker, you could list the most popular icing flavours in Sweden, or the history of cake making.

3. Win them back: An email campaign is a great way to win back customers who have not purchased anything in a while. You can set you software to send inactive customers a sweetener – a discount or a special offer. This is a great way to remind people you still exist.

5. Deliver something new, every time: Subscribers love to know they are getting something special, and something that adds value to their life. So maybe if you are a jewellery designer, you can give regular hints about caring for jewellery; or maybe a restaurant could share recipes.

No matter what your business sells, one of these magic tips are bound to work.

But don’t forget that none of this will be worth anything without eye-catching design and a solid list of email addresses.

Have a look at what others are offering in your niche – and offer something different!

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