Five reasons to revamp, rather that rebuild, your website

If your business has evolved and your website no longer meets its objectives, or if you have refreshed your branding, there is no need to discard it and start again. Here are five reasons that a revamp might be a better approach.

Go live quickly

You already have the basic structure, so a new look and feel can be developed and finalised reasonably quickly, with just a few tweaks to the content and images.


Again, with a basic structure in place, a good professional designer can work with what is already there. So in the end, it looks like a brand new, customised website that matches your brand and company objectives.

Revised layout and graphics

Your website can look just like new without the time consuming (or costly) task to rewriting the content and updating the architecture. A new layout, some fresh graphics, a tweak of the fonts and colours may be all that it needs.

Less expense

It costs considerably less to refresh a website that to start from scratch. After all, you have probably already invested thousands of dollars into getting your custom-built website just right, and it just doesn’t make sense to do that again, especially when you can pay much less and end up with a perfect result.

Better return on investment

Not only will the initial upfront cost be less, but tweaking the website is likely to improve your conversion rates. Web developers and designers are learning new things everyday about attracting and retaining customers on line, not to mention new developments in such things as shopping carts and e-newsletters. And with constant changes to Google’s algorithms, it is well worth the time to ensure your search engine optimisation is up to scratch.

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