Four tips to help your website get mobile


If you run an online business, there’s a good chance you are somewhat reliant on being found via smart phones and tablets. But there’s also a good chance that although you may have perfected the SEO on your desktop site, your mobile visibility is … dull.

The problem here is that the process of optimising a mobile site is a lot more technical than optimising a plain old website.

Here are four tips that will help you on your way.

Get a mobile site

This is the first step – don’t expect visitors to have the same experience with your traditional website on a smart phone as they do on their PC. You can either employresponsive design, or create a whole new site primarily for mobile users. These tend to be simpler, have less unnecessary content and offer a different user experience than a traditional website.

Get optimised

Ok, so we mentioned above that it is more technical that optimising a website, but that doesn’t mean that traditional SEO techniques don’t work at all. So before you start on your social media marketing, app marketing or more advanced optimisation for your mobile website, it still pays to start with the basics – incoming links, keyword-rich content an simple design.

Get apps – later

App marketing is a great way to boost mobile visibility, but the truth is you need to market your website first. After all, if people aren’t coming to your site, why would they buy your app? Once you have a critical mass of visitor, then introduce an app. If you are creating an app for something other than marketing – then by all means, go for it!

Get analytical

Google Analytics has a whole section on mobile analytics, so use it to get an idea of the traffic you are getting and through which keywords and sources


With more and more people using smart phones and tablets, it really is vital that businesses that rely on online sales get optimised for mobile user.

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