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google trusted storesThose of you who are used to online shopping (or who own an online store and keep an eye on competitors – especially those in the USA), would have come across a nifty little badge identifying a site as a “Google Trust Store”.

When you click on this badge, you get more information about the such things as customer service, dispatch times and purchase protection.

According to Google, this badge means you can these stores mean you can “Shop knowing you’ll receive reliable shipping, excellent customer service, and free purchase protection”.

Although only in Beta in Australia at the moment, it’s worth knowing how you can get accredited once it is completely rolled out on our shores.

And while the performance standards are pretty high, they are worth aiming for – just check out the success stories.

If the US example is anything to go by, to become a Google Trusted Store, you will need to:

  • Have your own SSL Certificate installed and running on your site.
  • Be consistently processing more than 200 orders within a 28-day timef rame.  This averages to just over 7 orders per day.
  • Not sell restricted products or services, such as weapons, or pharmaceuticals.
  • Use real shipment tracking numbers so that Google can check that your shipments are delivered on time.
  • Provide reasons when an order has been cancelled
  • And respond to all customer issues within 1 business day.

It’s easy to see how being able to display the Trusted Store badge will help with conversions.

Direct Digital Solutions has worked with online retailers for more than 15 years, and we can help you apply for – and get – a Google Trusted Store Badge when the program rolls out in Australia. Contact us today on 02 9557 7623 or email


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