Is HTTPS Better for SEO?


Is HTTPS Better for SEO
Is HTTPS Better for SEO?

Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP) is the most commonly utilized protocol for websites, enhancing security and reassurance by adding a padlock icon. Eg

HTTPS makes the lives of hackers more difficult, preserving the integrity of your data.

HTTPS was originally used by main brand sites or ecommerce companies. Some enjoyed its simplicity and lack of the need to pay an annual fee. The amount of sites on page one of Google that use HTTPS is growing. In fact, it’s heightened to more than 30% since 2014, and experts say it will soon reach 50%.

Switching over to HTTPS is steadily becoming a wiser choice. HTTPS conversion can be completed with the assistance of a third party SSL certificate authority, and setup can be finalized in just a few hours by experts. Depending on how strong your verification needs to be, prices will vary. Examples of CA include Comodo, Thawte, Symantec and GlobalSign.

Talking our professional web hosting and marketing team at Direct Digital Solutions is the best move in helping to make your decision. We are moving into an era where, when Google needs to make a decision between two very similar sites, the one utilizing HTTPS will be ranked higher. However, chances are that HTTPS will never become more important than other vital factors, namely, the quality of the content on your site. But that doesn’t mean that HTTPS can’t do wonders for the future of your online presence.

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