Is Your Tired Old Website Losing You Business?



Even if you are one of the few that actually did their company website themselves, you need to take a look at how you present your company and your products or service on your home page. You may be resistant to changing your “baby” but keeping the same old page means you lose customers, will not be found by new customer’s, and will end up last on search lists.

You need to look at your entire web presence and manage that presence as a unified sales tool. Granted redoing your website may be expensive and time consuming but if you cannot compete you will not stay in business.

This is the system that works. Look at everything you are doing and make lists of what is working for you and what is not. Working for you means bringing traffic to your site but it also means selling to all the markets with all the tools you can.

Get in the present.

Your site may be using displays and photos that are not handled well be the newest versions of most ISPs. The idea is to change to the best display method that allows your site to be accessed by more potential clients. Some clients may not even know you exist because your website is so old that their wireless phone or PC just cannot see your site.

Appearance is everything in on-line sales. Look at what your competition is doing to enhance the eye appeal of their sites and products. If you cannot match what your competitors are doing it is definitely time to update your site. Appearance also includes a look that says secure and trustworthy.

You need to make your site compliant with what Google demands from its present search engine criteria. Yes, that means rethinking any idea you had of keywords and rewriting the scripts on every page of your website. Google’s Panda looks for content quality as opposed to keywords so if you cannot produce high quality copy get a pro to help you.

Redoing your site to be compliant with Google means you get to the top of local, national, and international search pages. Being at the top of search pages means you get more hits to your site and more hits means more money for you.

Make your site accessible to all media.

The majority of sales made in Australia through websites have been done over the phone for the last several years. If your website is not perfectly compatible with phone access then you will miss out on sales. The trend is not destined to change in the near future so an investment in upgrading your site to a phone friendly sales force is a necessity to stay competitive.

Coordinate what you do on social media with your home site. You may just need to add links and start a social media campaign. More people rely on the opinions expressed in social media as guides for their buying decisions than ever before. If you do not have a social media presence then no one will be talking about your business.

Do not go social media crazy at the expense of any other sales potential your website can provide for you. Spending all your time and money on your social media site means you do not see new customers that do not do social media.

The basic idea is simple. Regular updates of your website make your site user friendly and make you more money.

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