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competitionYou might think your website looks great, and it may seem to attract lots of visitors that convert to leads or sales. And your social media engagement is impressive, with people haring your content all over the place.

But there is always room for improvement, and monitoring your competitors is a great way to find out what works (and what doesn’t).

Thankfully, there are a few simple things you can do, and various tools that can help you, to figure out you how you measure up against your competition.

Check rankings

It’s pretty easy to check ma jor search engines to see how you rank against your competitors. Simply type in some chosen keywords and, voila.

Alternatively, you can check out, which allows you to see rankings without worrying about pesky cookies, or geographically-based results.

Of you do see sites that rank better, have a look at them and see what keywords and other SEO techniques they may be using.

Research competitor engagement

First, you should do some basic searches for your competitors on Twitter, Facebook, Linked In , Google+ and other social media platforms. This allows you to see how active they are, how many followers they have and how well they engage with their audience.

There are external sites that can help with more powerful insights into social media engagement. For example, services such as can help you analyse your competitors’ twitter feeds and follower lists, while sites such as and are a great way to see who is a current influence in any industry.

When you have an idea of industry leaders, you can check out what they are doing in the social media space.


There is nothing wrong with subscribing to a competitors’ email list, following them on Twitter, liking their Facebook page and so on. You can use a reader app such as feedly that can add a number of RSS feeds so you get regular updates.

Track Twitter conversations in your niche by using hashtags, and you can see what’s trending using external sites as can show you what’s currently being talked about.

Knowing what your competitors are doing makes good business sense. Any business owner worth their salt will have a good understanding of their competitors’ products, pricing strategy, marketing and unique selling proposition.

And knowing what they are doing gives you some ideas about how to service your customers better.

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