We all have certain company logos seared into our memory: Qantas ?  Commonwealth Bank ? ABC TV ?  Coles ?  to name but a few. Your company deserves a logo that is just as attention-getting and memorable because a corporate logo is at the heart of brand identity.

A good logo can do more for your brand than even the best ad campaign. Presented on your website, corporate headquarters, company vehicles, promotional materials and more, your logo is the symbol of who and what you are. Having the right logo leads to easy recognition which leads to increased brand awareness and customer base.


Over the last 20 years, our team has helped countless clients come up with a corporate logo that is attractive, arresting and identifiable. We have also helped clients to overhaul their existing logo which might be outdated or out of style. We love collaborating with client teams to develop every aspect of what will become the signature of their brand. We do this by:

Sitting down with you and your team to get a deep understanding of what you do and how you do it.

Collecting every detail of your corporate big picture and funnelling it into a number of viable designs.

Take our design examples and play with them in different mediums to make sure they are multi-dimensional and functional.

Further whittling down the selection and then presenting the best contenders to our clients.

Making suggested changes or even going back to the drawing board, based on client feedback.

Perfecting and polishing the final choice.

Helping clients to apply their new logo to their online presence and offline marketing material

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