Lost for video ideas? Here’s six to get you started


Video ideasWe have all heard about how awesome video is and how all businesses should use it as a way to engage and inspire your target audience. After all, You Tube is the biggest search engine after Google.

And by telling your story in a natural way, you show your prospects that you are a competent, confident business person who cares about how they feel.

Not to mention the fact that when someone chooses to watch your video, they are already interested in your product or service.

But knowing this doesn’t make it any easier to come up with ideas for your video.

So how can you engage and inspire your audience through your website video? Here are seven practical and easy-to-implement ideas to get you started.

Introduce yourself:  This is a great way to let potential clients and customers know a little more about you – what drives you, why you chose to do what you do, your passions, your interest, and how all this can work for them. And you can use the video to direct people to other parts of your site – especially your conversion pages.

Go behind the scenes – People love the idea of feeling as if they are in on a secret. And what better secret that a behind-the-scenes look at your product or service. What goes in to the perfect sandwich at your café? Or the website design process? You can include everything from the concept to the product rolling off the (literal or theorectical) assembly line..

Case studies – These are a great way to show people your successes, without being too self-congratulatory. They don’t have to be long to be effective – generally about fice minutes is fine.

Training videos – This can take the place of written FAQs. For example, you can show a prospect how to clean the garment they are about to buy; or you can share the recipe for your café’s most popular dish; or perhaps you can demonstrate how well your knife chops the dinner veggies..

Interviews – Show that you are part of the “in crowd” in your niche by interviewing some of the key influencers in your industry. This is a great way to not only connect with someone who is respected in your field, but to also share their expertise with your audience

Product tours – A bit like a combination of the “behind the scenes” and “introductory” videos, these are a excellent way to tell prospects about about your company’s products and services. But remember, you need to focus on benefits, rather than features.

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