Mobile Friendly Sites Will Be Ranked Higher

Google ranking mobile site


There are more people than ever before who are using mobile devices to access the internet. As such, Google has made the decision that mobile friendly sites will be ranked higher. When the searches are ranked after this change, there are going to be a number of large companies who will essentially disappear from the search engines.

Having a mobile responsive website is of the utmost importance. When a person goes to a website on their smartphone or tablet, the website should conform to the screen size and make it easy to navigate. This includes not having to scroll horizontally or pinch and zoon.

Digital strategists have estimated that approximately 66 percent of Australian-based companies do not have websites that are optimized for mobile devices. This is a huge concern and has led to the Council of Small Business Australia to ask Google for more time before making the change.

The change would not just affect small and medium-sized businesses. There are many ASX 200 listed companies who do not have mobile-friendly sites, including Domino’s Pizza, BHP Billiton, and more. The way that Google is determining whether sites are mobile-friendly is also causing concern. It cannot redirect to a separately hosted mobile site, which is what many companies are doing in order to have a mobile solution for their customers. The website design needs to be responsive. The content needs to scale properly for the mobile device without two separate versions for mobile and desktop users.

It is believed that Google is responding to the fact that many people are using apps and therefore bypassing search engines altogether. This would prevent Google from sharing advertising and making money from people searching. Google wants to maintain the hold on the mobile search market. When people have a better experience searching, they will be more apt to click ads as well. Google is not unsympathetic towards website owners and this is why they plan on easing into the transition. Another element is being added to the search engine mix ad there are more than 200 signals used in which to rank the search results.

Some businesses have decided to label this as Mobilegeddon because until they are fully mobile compliant according to Google standards, they run the risk of being invisible in the search engines, which can have a significant impact on business, and not in a good way. Ultimately, the change by Google will help businesses as it will allow people to read content from a website and interact with it more effectively when using a mobile device.

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