Office 365 Email for Small to Medium Business

Office 365 business

laptop digital tablet and smart phone.the photo on the laptop screen form my portfolio.3D rendering high quality. Why are so many small and medium-sized businesses making the move to Microsoft Office 365 Email ? Simple. Not only does it help any business of any size streamline its operations and enhance its productivity, but it also assists with flexibility, collaboration and storage. But…we’ll get to the in a moment. First of all, we thought you ought to know that Office 365 and Email serves more than 60 million users and is rapidly growing. This number is on the rise, and if you’re not part of the club, you’re missing out. More and more of you are asking for greater storage for your emails and to be able to access them anywhere and on the cloud. Office 365 email has this covered by offering 50gig + of online storage, plus additional for backup – that’s gigantic !

These are the things we love the most about Office 365 and 365 email:

Flexibility: Work anywhere, anytime, on any device. It’s all linked! This is particularly convenient in today’s digital world, where 9-5 jobs are dying.

Collaboration: See what your employees and/or co-workers are doing from the other side of the planet or just in Australia. Oversee progress in real-time, discuss upcoming projects – you name it.

Security: Office 365 boasts impressive built-in security and continuous compliance, helping you eliminate the risk of cyber-attacks.

Organization: Running a business is no joke, which is what’s so great about Office 365. You can sync your email, calendar and contacts – making them easily accessible across all your devices.

We could go on all day about why you should make the move to Office365, but we’d much rather show you. Try it out for yourself today to see what we’re talking about! Just email or call Peter for further information.

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