Online Security for Small Businesses


Online Security for Small Businesses
Online Security for Small Businesses

Would you leave your home without locking the doors? Or unleash your computer to the wrath of viruses or malware? We didn’t think so. The same should go for your website too. Whether your business is small or medium sized, the risk is the same when it comes to villainous topics such as fraud, spam and hacking.

A hacked website is no laughing matter, what with the danger of leaking private customer information – as well as your own. A superior website security service protects you by performing regular scans to detect any malware or viruses present, removing them as and when they are located.

These work to protect private data that your website transmits, like credit card details. These Secure Socket Layers enable encrypt sensitive data, meaning it can only be read by servers that have been authorized.

This method heightens your defense mechanism against attackers more than any other open source software around. Your website’s potential vulnerabilities will be carefully scrutinized by experts, who will take the required measures to heighten your security.

Not everyone in the world can be trusted, and Cybersquatters are well known for tarnishing the reputation of businesses by creating domain names similar to yours. Domain protection can monitor any names being registered that show similarities to yours, sending you live email alerts so you can protect the credibility of your brand.

Registering a domain goes hand in hand with unleashing your personal contact information through a public database. Domain privacy services keep you away from the likes of telemarketers, spammers and identity thieves.

The team at Direct Digital Solutions can review all your online security needs and provide recommendations based on your current and future growth needs.

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