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Everyone is on social media sites these days. Your old high school pals, your siblings and cousins, your kids, even grandma has an online profile. It only makes sense to get your business on these sites too. If you are a business owner you are likely researching new marketing strategies that involve social networking. In this article, I will review the top four social networking sites, giving you the good and the bad, so that you will have the information necessary to decide which social media site best fits the needs of your business.



Coming in as the second top visited website worldwide, losing only to Google, Facebook is the king of social networking sites. With 1.28 billion active users every month, Facebook reaches a diverse crowd of people ranging across all age and social groups. If your business boasts a product or service that is appealing to a wide range of users, Facebook is the website for your online marketing.

Although some surveys are indicating that today’s teens are losing interest in Facebook, having to hide posts from Grandma can have that effect. Studies suggest teens are opting to search for alternative social media sites. The spotlight on Facebook may be starting to dim… but this is merely speculation.


With 310 million users each month, Twitter trails in second as far as social media websites go, but do not let this small fact discourage you from marketing your business on this platform. Twitter brings business owners and their customers a completely different online experience with their microblogging style. Twitter is the perfect option for businesses looking to give up to the minute news and have the ability to react instantly with real time news and developments.


Instagram does have a smaller following than Facebook and Twitter, but this platform attracts a far more passionate crowd of users, giving you the potential of die-hard fans for your business. This means returning customers! Instagram is targeted towards sharing images and is perfect for businesses that use their photos as the focus of their marketing such as food, fashion, and design. Instagram typically appeals to the 18-29 age group, so if your business is geared toward the younger generation, than this website is the best pick for you.


LinkedIn is the social media site specifically for professionals. In the past year company pages have grown from 24 percent to 57 percent, more than doubling! LinkedIn is the way for business to connect with a significant amount of individuals. Mostly used by the 30-69 age group, LinkedIn offers a wide range of potential customers for your business. This platform is great for businesses that have interesting information to share such as breaking news or vital research.

Taking the time to choose the right social media platform to fit your business needs, with consideration of your demographic and sector, could save you many wasted years attempting to market to the wrong group. And when time is money, picking the correct social media website could mean millions!

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