ASC – Australian Sweeper Corporation

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Launch Their Web Site

The Client

Formed over 28 years ago, Australian Sweeper Company (ASC) is the national leading supplier of industrial and commercial scrubbers and sweepers in Australia. Serving businesses in all markets, ASC provides these companies with new scrubbing and sweeping machines, rentals and leasing, regular servicing, and spare parts. ASC is represented and available to companies in all states of Australia, trusted by businesses from sole proprietorships to the federal government.







About this project

We have worked with Australian Sweeper Company for over 20 years. We have seen ASC grow from a home-based business into the national Australian powerhouse they are today. Through our work together we have supported and nourished this growth through a range of digital design and marketing strategies.

As their only digital design and marketing team, we have worked on projects for ASC ranging from Website Development, Search Engine Optimization, Search Engine Marketing, Responsive Website Design, Social Media Marketing, and Graphic Design. Over the years we have also rebranded and revamped their ASC logo, print and digital marketing materials and have designed hundreds of brochures, flyers, business cards and head office related office documents such as NCR forms, sales and marketing templates, invoice templates, email responsive signatures and more !

As visualized through the gallery of images above and below, we designed a thorough revamp of their branding including online and offline marketing materials such as websites, stationery, business cards, brochures, vehicle and building signage, and more.

Built on a foundation of solid search engine marketing tactics, including SEO and SEM, Google Local Business and social media marketing, the digital marketing efforts for ASC have been targeted, purposeful and highly successful over the years.

In 2018 ASC decided to revamp and majorly upgrade its branding. This included brand strategy and naming, a new slogan, logo revamp, design & development, and total brand identity. The result is reenergized company and brand with a new, strong identity who is ready to take on another decade of success, trading, and growth.

What the client said:

ASC have been using Direct Digital Solutions for some 25 years. I met Peter the director 27 years ago when the internet was just a newly discovered phenonium.

It took Peter nearly 2 years to convince me that if I was not active online that our business would be crippled in the future years ahead.

I took his advice and launched a web site. In our sector at that time we were only the second industrial / commercial sweeper company to launch a web site globally. This was still back in the day where fax machines were very very dominant. How times have changed and how right time has proven him to be.

ASC has for the past 25 years used DGS exclusively for all online, digital, print, marketing and SEO services.

While we still do not understand fully the complexity of the digital space thankfully Peter does.

The advantage of using DDS is that Peter is the business and the intel..Sunday or Wednesday he takes all calls 7 am or 8 pm, I can always reply on him for effective human support and service.

Peter’s experience and services have allowed our business to significantly grow over the years from a home based business 27 years ago into a business with nationwide offices and warehouses serving and supporting thousands of customers.

DDS have also enabled us to transform & adapt to market conditions and compete against our multi national competitors in the digital era. In fact we are recognized globally in most countries as a result of Peters work.

He has helped us launch new products, assisted us with copyright and patents and has continually allowed us to adapt our business to ever changing modern times.

Peter is very efficient at what he does and is price competitive. Peter has grown with our business and understands intimately our sector. That is a major plus.

Other global suppliers of ours have also benefited directly and indirectly through the use of Peters services and expertise.

Peter is not only reliable, he is knowledgeable and completely trustworthy. If only every supplier we used had his level of professionalism and dedication being in business would be effortless.

I cannot thank him enough for what he has done for us over the past 26 years and the development he has had in creating the powerful brand that ASC are today.