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Traditional Metal Roofing

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Launch Their Web Site

The Client

Based in Sydney, Traditional Metal Roofing has been providing copper and zinc roofing and cladding and rainwater systems to businesses for the last 20 years. They offer their services to a wide range of business including heritage works and more contemporary, modern buildings.







About this project

Traditional Metal Roofing came to us wanting a visually appealing, but informational, wow factor website. And that’s what we delivered! They provided us with extensive drone portfolio footage which we knew we would be able to use to add stimulating and profound content. The videos, together with feature rich image and text content, enabled us to create a video and image-based, highly visual WordPress website design.

The end result is a dynamic, visually-rich website that draws customers in and has them asking for more information. Through an image gallery, visitors can easily see the high-quality work that Traditional Metal Roofing delivers, and the homepage drone footage provides the company with the new, stand out site they were looking for.

What the client said: