SEO Vs SEM And The Pros And Cons


SEO Vs SEM If getting the best results you can from your website is your top priority, then utilizing the most effective online marketing program is key. There are two key areas you should take into consideration when marketing your website. They are Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Search Engine Marketing (SEM). The main focus of an SEO is being at the top of search results. It uses keywords that are related to your business to get your site to the top of the list of a web search. The focus of an SEM is choosing the right keywords and advertising options for a paid search such as Google Ad Words.

SEO Pros

When you are at the top of an organic search results for your industry it makes people think you are one of the leading companies and very reputable in your field. Depending on your field, 80 percent of people will click on links in the search and not one in the ad area. This provides for the largest quantity of traffic to your business. Since you don’t need to pay for every click on your link, traffic keeps compounding to your link. Results keep coming as long as your SEO activity stays current.

SEO Cons

SEO isn’t easy to implement and requires a steep learning curve to do it. It can sometimes take months to even see the results you are looking for. If you are new to it it might be in your best interest to find someone that does SEO as a business. This would require a lot of groundwork on your behalf to find a reputable business that will get you the results you need.

SEM Pros

If you have a new business you are promoting then SEM is a way to kick start the traffic to it. It is a very effective and speedy option to get website clicks. When you buy keywords you can bypass Google’s indexing systems and algorithms and shoot straight up to the top in rank in search results. Google AdWords are at the top of search results and the first thing that people see.

SEM Cons

Your competitors have the same access to Google Ads and so this can get pretty expensive. As soon as you stop paying for SEM you will see an immediate decline in the visitors to your site. You also have more and more people that are buying software that blocks ads. It won’t cost you money but it does create a reduction in your audience.

SEO and SEM each have their strong suits. You can look at it as time investment vs money investment. SEO is a long-term more stable investment that will require patience. Whereas, SEM is more of a short-term investment that will get you immediate results. For most businesses they find that implementing them both based on need is the best way to go.

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