So your WordPress website is live – what next?

new_website_live (1)Unlike Field of Dreams, it’s not enough to build a WordPress website and hope they will come, In fact, the launch of your site is merely the start of the process.

If you want customers to find you online, and to set your website up as a voice of authority in your niche, you will need to dedicate time each week to nurture it.

On top of the regular maintenance we addresses in our previous post, you need to keep on top of:

Content: As the saying goes “content is King”. For starters, you should always ensure that the content on your static pages (home, about us, services/products) is up-to-date and relevant, you should also consider adding fresh and engaging content in the form of a blog. But keeping in mind, that although Google loves fresh content, in order to attracte real people (not just bots) that content needs to be worthwhile – don’t just blog for the sake of blogging. And don’t make your blog a big sales pitch. Leave that for your flyers! Start with a content plan, taking into consideration the needs of your target audience, as well as any relevant annual holidays/festivals.

Images: Simply updates some of the images on your sit can give it a fresh, new look. For example, why not change the photos on your rotating banner, or – for service businesses – perhaps get some new profile pictures taken of yourself and your team.

Update the images on your landing page to reflect any specials you might have – or products you want to highlight.

Or perhaps change your product photos to reflect events such as Christmas, Mother’s Day, Easter, ANZAC Day, and more.

New Features: The great thing about WordPress websites are the multitude of plugins and customisation that is available. For example: social media feeds; image galleries, PayPal button; calendar of events; a login for members – the list is endless!

Fresh content not only helps your Google ranking, but it will mean people have a reason to return to your site.

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