Social media – don’t get left behind

social media bandwagonAs we have mentioned before – just once or twice – social media is a powerful marketing tool for businesses of all shapes and sizes.

Yet we often hear businesses say it’s a waste of time, or it’s a fly-by-night trend, or that it is of no value to their business.

Well, it is time to get out of that mindset. As General Eric Shinseki, retired Chief of Staff, US Army, has been quoted as saying “If you don’t like change, you’re going to like irrelevance even less.”

And traditional marketing channels – such as the Yellow Pages – are becoming more and more irrelevant as Facebook, Twitter and others take over.

But we know that with running a business, there is little time left in you day to worry about whether you have tweeted enough, or updated your status, or grown your likers and followers.

We also know that there are good and bad ways to market yourself on social media, and unfortunately, a lot of businesses don’t know how to turn Facebook likers or Twitter followers into customers. And because of this, they did their toes in the water but give up when they don’t see any return on investment.

That’s where Direct Digital Solutions can help. We offer various affordable Social Media FB Page Management services.

We can manage your Facebook page or Twitter profile, including using internal marketing channels to grow your followers and likers, and turn them into customers.

Social media – along with a well-designed and optimised website – helps build brand recognition and trust and can set business owners up as subject matter experts.

Twitter and Facebook profiles can be customised to suit almost any business and are great for:

  • Promoting genuine two-way interaction with customers
  • Creating valuable links to your website
  • Seeking immediate feedback for your product or service
  • Raising brand awareness

With new technologies, and various time-saving online tools, there has never been a better time to market your business online.

Contact Direct Digital Solutions today on 02 9557 7623 or email about more information on our social media packages.