The Most Common 5 Mistakes Made When Designing a Website


When owning a business, you should know that your website is one of the most valuable assets you have. It is essential not only for sharing information or attracting clients but also as a spring board for branding and marketing. The design of your website, should be capable of offering your site visitors impressive and interesting information, therefore care should be taken when managing this aspect.004

Here are 5 mistakes which are  often made when designing a site, so be aware of them and avoid them.

  1. The navigation is difficult

Most people do not appreciate complicated websites. When they decide to access a site, they are probably looking for a something specific .  Your contact details would be of use to them so as to learn more about what you are offering  – but to have to wade through unnecessary information would be irritating., so make sure they will find all relevant information fast and easy.   Visitors will always appreciate  straightforward & simple navigation with a bar that is easily visible, allowing them to switch from one page to another without complication.


  1. Absent or untraceable calls to action

How do you expect your business to evolve if you are not explaining to  your visitor what you do? They will access the site, look around, and then just walk away. You have the power to influence them and even turn it in your favour, with the help of a call to action. This should be visible, and clearly hinted what the visitor should do to their advantage – ie., subscribe to the site, make a purchase, receive a newsletter, whatever you want them to obtain should be integrated into a call to action.


  1. Web pages which are busy and chaotic

We already agreed that the navigation should be easy and simple, so you should get rid of any ‘busy’ pages. A cluttered page, which has everything from pictures, videos, buttons, text etc., are tiring and intimidating for a visitor, their interest will wane  and they will possibly back out altogether.  Make the subject on the pages of your site clearly written  and user-friendly, in a  logical order and above all, make them mobile-friendly. You will enjoy much more traffic this way.


  1. Content that is not well structured

Again, do not let your content lie around on your website without a logical structure. As mentioned before, the visitor must be able to find everything they are looking for  easily and quickly. This will not occur  if the content is haphazardly compiled.


  1. The absence of any social media links

Social media links should not be missed from your site because everything people do these days is connected to social media. We live in a social society, and this fact should

not be disregarded.   Maybe someone would like to share your site on a social network, or check out your profile on a social network.

Social media can help your business a great deal, by efficiently promoting products and services, including the brand of your company.

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