The Top 6 Web Metrics for Analyzing Your Business Website:


web analytics tipsSo. You’ve got an awesome business with an awesome website that everyone around you says is, well, awesome. There’s just one problem. Is it producing awesome results? You may be surprised. That’s where web analytics comes in, here to analyze your audience’s behavior. The measurement itself is known as web metrics, and understanding how the whole things works can provide you with valuable insight into how your customers engage with your offerings.

There is a diverse array of tools out there, some more thorough than others. One of the top ones, that you can’t really go wrong with, is Google Analytics. The best part? It’s 100% free. However, there are 6 top web metrics that you need to understand before going any further.


The amount of time a user engages with your site.


The number of visitors you’re getting. Not visits – visitors. You might get 10 visits today, but they might all be from one guy.

Page Views

The number of pages viewed during a certain amount of time.

Bounce Rate

What is your percentage of single-page visits? This is known as your bounce rate, and whether or not people stay after their arrival.

Pages & Sessions

How many pages are viewed during one session? This will inform you as to whether your visitors stay on your site to continue browsing, or check out one page and move on to the next site.

New Sessions

How many of your visits are first-timers? This percentage will tell you. The remainder of your traffic is generated by return visitors.

This is a good start, but it’s also just the beginning. The Google Analytics dashboard provides you with all of the insight you need to thrive online for the long haul.

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